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We have a new addition to CURIO private sales:

Canvas piece of Auto Moai, “May have been my dog” 2021


Auto Moai is a Japanese female artist born in 1990. 

This work depicts “a dog and a faceless person” with a slightly rough touch. 

Considering her previous works that depicted faceless pop girls, her recent style has somewhat changed.
“May have been my dog” by Auto Moai
|May have been my dog
This work stirs the imagination of the viewer from its title “May have been my dog”. Is it about a dog that she has given up, or about a dog that may have been supposed to be her dog? This piece makes us wonder if it is even the past or the future.
Auto Moai depicts unrealistic worlds based on faceless female figures.

Faceless girls and unique worldview are consistent themes in her works. This time, it is expressed together with a dog.


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Details are as follows:

Auto Moai [May have been my dog]
Oil on canvas
Signed by the artist and dated 2021 on the reverse
100 x 80.3 cm
COA signed by the artist will accompany this work
Provenance: The current owner acquired from GALLERY HAKU, Kyoto
Contact for price
Delivery 4 to 6 weeks
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