CURIO supports you in selling and buying artworks on CURIO Private Sales, which meets your request.

We have a worldwide network not limited to the Asian network, so that we can introduce a great variety of attractive pieces to a broad audience.
Currently, we have artworks by various artists focusing on contemporary art, including works by Japanese artists.

Want to buy an artwork you love
Artworks introduced in the CURIO Private Sales are assessed by CURIO's unique method. We are dedicated to being trustworthy in selling authentic works, and we also carefully check their condition. You can entrust price negotiation with the owner to us; we are sure you feel comfortable when purchasing. We pack the purchased pieces carefully in the most suitable way to deliver them safely to your door.

Want to sell your collection
CURIO supports selling your marvelous collection safely and comfortably.
Please leave it to us from consulting on selling prices and negotiating with buyers to shipment after items are sold. We take good care of your treasured pieces according to your wishes.