Artwork on display @ Private collector, Niigata, Japan

A long-time client in Japan asked us if we could find Banksy’s Sale Ends (v.2), and we made it.

We dug up one in London, and the client purchased it.

Many of Banksy’s works remain in excellent condition in England, the artist’s mother country.




The artwork we found was also in mint condition.

We also communicated with the Pest Control Office on behalf of the owner, the organization that manages Banksy’s artwork, to apply for a change in ownership.



– Artwork information –

Banksy [Sale Ends (v.2)]

Screenprint, Artist signed, Numbered, Artist’s blind stamp

Edition of 500, 57.2x 76.5 cm /39.5 x 65.8 cm, 2017

COA issued by Pest Control




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