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Chiharu Shiota


Let us introduce four stunning pieces by Chiharu Shiota from CURIO Private Sales.


Chiharu Shiota is a Berlin-based international artist renowned for performances and installations that express the intangible, such as memories, anxiety, dreams, silence, and more. 


Often arising from her personal experience, Shiota‘s works have captivated people worldwide by questioning universal concepts, namely identity, boundaries, and existence. 

Shiota‘s powerful installations, which are especially famous, consist of threads, primarily in red and black, strung across entire spaces.

From Instagram account chiharushiota




Chiharu Shiota‘s exhibitions were held in Germany, Korea, Brazil, Italy, the UK, and more.


Currently (as of June 13 2024) , the following exhibitions are open:

– The Extended Line, Art Basel Unlimited, Basel, Switzerland

– Everyone, a Universe, solo show, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain 

– Wo sind wir jetzt?, solo show, KULTUR IM FLUSS – European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut 2024, Bad Ischl, Austria

– Beyond Consciousness, solo show, Musée du Pavillon de Vendôme; Musée des Tapisseries and Chapelle de la Visitation, Aix-en-Provence, France

– Perhaps Sunny Days, group show, Podo Museum, Jeju Island, South Korea

– Duo Exhibition: Song Dong x Shiota Chiharu, two-person show, Yuelai Art Museum, Chongqing, China


Today, we would like to introduce four works by Chiharu Shiota. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.




Please click the following images, LOT numbers, or titles for the details.  

June 13 2024
** Currently, we receive many inquiries regarding our private sales. Please note that it is on a first come-first-sold basis, so early contact with us is suggested if you would like to purchase. Please also note that we do not accept reserves nor put them on hold.

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