We are looking for MADSAKI’s unique piece.

|We are looking for MADSAKI’s unique piece


Right now, our client is looking for a unique piece of MADSAKI.

If you have it, would you like to sell it at CURIO?

If you have MADSAKI’s work in your collection, it’s OK to leave it for us to just assess the selling price.
Contact us from here.  >>> https://curio-w.jp/en/contact/


 | MADSAKI (masaki)

From Instagram account of madsaki
Click here to assess the selling price of the piece >>> https://curio-w.jp/en/contact/
◆ You can decide whether to sell or not after the price assessment!
◆ You can just consult the price if you are deciding whether to sell or not.
◆    You can keep the piece in your hand until it is sold.
◆ We will take your desired price into consideration.

◆ We do not make unreasonable solicitations or sales activities.

After the contract is concluded, we will also introduce the piece at CURIO’s private sale.

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