[Call for Entry] Would you like to sell your collection with Curio?

“Why don’t we sell your treasured collection worldwide through CURIO?”

CURIO Private Sale is a program that introduces and sells your collection to our clients all over the world.


Three benefits of selling your piece at CURIO private sale

1. Responding to the ever-increasing number of offers from clients over the world

Currently, we have increasing numbers of purchase offers for our private sales from overseas with the enhanced work introduction approach to overseas.

At CURIO, our experienced staff in each language, Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French, and Korean will support the entire process. 


2. Price setting that meets your need

Unlike the sales method by the vendors and the auction houses, where pricing is led by vendors and purchasers, CURIO’s private sale can help you sell at the price you want. We also offer consultation on the pricing based on our high expertise.


3. Anonymity

Consignment at CURIO also allows you to find buyers without listing them on auctions or art marketplaces. 

We support you in selling your piece by searching for buyers from CURIO’s own sales network. A piece you received as a gift, and a collection, that was hard to sell due to the circumstances of a retailer… at CURIO, you can sell your piece in secret.


ー With the opening of CURIO Tokyo Gallery ー

With the opening of CURIO Tokyo Gallery, we are able to respond to your needs more flexibly.


“I want to buy this piece so, I want to see it in my eyes!”, “I want to sell this piece and I want to consign it in person!”  If you want to meet in person and talk first, etc., or consult about the artwork, we are happy to talk to you. Please make a reservation first.


From consultation about selling your piece to viewing the work you want, please feel free to contact us.



CURIO Tokyo Gallery (Reservation required)

UNIBLE GINZA HIGASHI 1F, 1-7-5 Shintomi-cho,

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0041


For inquiries >>>  https://curio-w.jp/en/contact/


Why don’t you take this opportunity to sell your piece at CURIO’s private sale?

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