[Private Sale] Adam Lister Pixelated Basquiat’s iconic motif

We are pleased to introduce a unique work by Adam Lister from our private sale.


Adam Lister, born in 1978, is an artist based in New York.

He is known for his pixelated motifs that combine the transparency of watercolors with the flatness of acrylics.


 | Pixelated old familiar movies, famous paintings, and celebrities.

from the Instagram account of adamlisterstudio 

Lister‘s work is developed from pixelated images of old familiar movies, famous paintings, and celebrities.


Lister says, “My process deals with taking the memory of an image and highlighting its complexity and simplicity at the same time. These paintings are influenced by geometric thinking and a desire to capture the briefness of a mental picture.”


While Lister has exhibited his work in numerous galleries throughout the world, he also collaborates with streetwear brands, sports brands, and other artists.


The work introduced today is a pixelated version of Basquiat’s signature motif and is full of Lister’s playful spirit.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. >>>  https://curio-w.jp/en/contact/

Details are as follows:

Adam Lister [Symbols of Basquiat]
Acrylic on canvas
140 x 140 cm
Provenance: The current owner acquired from the artist directly
Contact for price
Delivery 4 to 6 weeks

For inquiries regarding private sales  >>>  https://curio-w.jp/en/contact/


**Currently, we receive many inquiries regarding our private sales. Please note that it is on a first come-first-sold basis, so early contact with us is suggested if you would like to purchase. Please also note that we do not accept reserves nor put them on hold.

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